Hi, I met my first man at age 16


Hi, I met my first man at age 16. We had 3 wonderful years living together and we were both madly in love, so he asked me to marry him and I said NO.

We where both young, so he walked out of the relationship. I became withdrawn and I was ice cold towards men and I didn't have time to love no one.

27 years later, "He" found me, By Now I had long forgotten this man, moved on, I had no memory of him.
He says he wants me back and that he still loves me, the problem is this, his married and his got two girls and the thing is in our religion you can marry up to four wives.

His wife knows about how much he cares for Me and how much he loves me, according to what he did say. I'm confused, do you think this is true love? Thank you.

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