When we fall for someone without them knowing, that’s the time logic is no longer valid

When we fall for someone without them knowing, that’s the time logic is no longer valid.

I'm John at the age of 22, I fell madly in love with my teacher, she was outstanding, gorgeous,breathtakingly beautiful.
It was in my second semester and I had no idea if I was infatuated or some serious love shit.
She lived in the teachers quarters close to my hostel..
I never got the chance to talk to her, actually everybody thought she was to be a bloody egoistical and eccentric person. She never talked with students outside of the classroom.

Anyway, I was always glad seeing her in corridors, in other class rooms, the staff room e.t.c. I wasn't so eager to talk to her actually.
I got nervous each time I saw her, she was a perfect woman that anybody would long for for.
She was in her late twenties (28-29),with a sharp and edgy figure and a beautiful face
so adorable. She had a huge fan base and I'm one of them.

One lucky day an announcement was made, that all second-semester boys had to meet in a hall, hall 205, for a discussion about the annual festival. After finishing our meal, all second semester boys gathered downstairs and I was way behind them because I didn't like dancing, singing, in fact the festivities wasn't my thing.

When everyone was stuffed in the room, I was standing at the door  line, didn't have ears for
what our senior students wanted to say, when a minute later I heard a sound which was a bit familiar
My heart starts pounding, I manage gasping in some air as I saw the woman of my dreams sit at the right
angle towards me,I was shocked... To be continued in next Renny Stories Post...