Beautiful Nigerian Lady reveals a very appalling reason why she is a Lesbian. (Must Read).

A beautiful lady identified as Keke has taken to Twitter to reveal an appallable reason as to why she prefers to be with other ladies than men.


she is not a lesbian just because of the many reasons that other ladies give, she is simply a lesbian just because she chose to be one.

Most times, ladies who turn lesbians point to heartbreak several times by men as the paramount reason for it, or sexually violated by men, to mention but a few, as to why they had decided to settle with fellow women.

But here is Keke's uniquely unfortunate reason to be one;

“I am a LESBIAN.Not because i wasn’t dicked down right,not because a nigga did me wrong,not because men are dogs,not because i was sexually violated by a man,not because I can’t get a man & not because I can’t get dick but SIMPLY because I am attracted to women!!!!”
She made this known via her twitter  @Gay_loveeee.