Blac Chyna's lawyers respond on her leaked sex tape.

Blac Chyna's sex tape which got leaked yesterday is the apparently the hottest gist on the internet right now and her lawyers are threatening to track down the person responsible for the leak.

The 1 min 23 secs video showing Chyna performing oral sex on her ex Mechie was shared via an anonymous Twitter account and has since gone viral. Chyna was reportedly not aware neither was she in support of the video being made public and her lawyers have stepped in.

Chyna's lawyers Walter Mosley said his client had nothing to do with the video that leaked online. He is calling it a "criminal matter" and said they are working with police to track down who put the video out in the public.

Chyna's attorney, Lisa Bloom has also responded to the video. She said it doesn't matter if Chyna was aware it was being recorded that as long as she didn't approve of it being shared, it's revenge porn and a crime.

To watch the released sex tape click here.

Source; LIB.