Female American Pro. Wrestler, Rondy Rousey slams WWE Boss Triple H through a table. (Video).

Wow! Ronda Rousey served some serious pain to Triple H during her WWE appearance on Sunday!

Fans who tuned in for WWE’s Elimination Chamber on Sunday, Feb. 25, got what they wanted and then some! Ronda Rousey , 31, had one of the night’s most unforgettable moments! Triple H , 48, was offering her a WWE contract when Kurt Angle says that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon only want her to keep her under their thumb and somehow get revenge for humiliating them at WrestleMania 31! Triple H attempts to explain that Kurt doesn’t know what he’s talking about but the cat is already out of the bag! Stephanie says she calls Ronda a “has-been” and Ronda is ready to attack! That’s when Triple H steps in and gets serve.

She Judo throws Triple H through a table in the ring! That’s gotta hurt! Then Stephanie slaps Ronda. But before she can retaliate the Stephanie sprints away! In one final glorious act, Ronda signs her WWE contract and drops it on Triple H before turning and exiting the ring. Epic! Now fans can look forward to Ronda’s match at WrestleMania in April. Something tells us it’s going be an unforgettable moment as she is to face WWE'S Undefeated fighter, Asuka.

Watch video below