Toke Makinwa slams fan who criticized her over Michelle Obama's book comments.

Toke Makinwa has found her to the news again and this time it's between her and an instagram follower.

The gist is that Michele Obama, former first lady of the United States made an announcement on Twitter on Sunday regarding the launch of her book "Becoming."
Toke Makinwa whose book "On Becoming " has a similar title was overjoyed about the news and went ahead to hail Michelle Obama on her Instagram page for her book and the story. she also ceased the moment to mention that their books both have similar titles.

Way to go MO!!!!! I wrote a book called “On Becoming...”, it’s the first of many as I am still on a journey to become! She’s written a book called “Becoming”. Everyone has a story to tell no matter who you are or where you are from. We are all traveling thru life and It is important to share your story. You never know who needs your strength to get thru their demons.
"Everything that’s happened to you, happened for you and the more you break the barriers of shame, accept the past and use it to shape who you become for the future; the more you rise. I cannot wait to read her own journey to becoming who she is now and I hope this further inspires anyone out there to live in their truth and shine thru each phase of their lives. #OnBecoming #Becoming #Powerofwords #tunnelvision #OnBecomingBold #Onbecomingmore,"
 She wrote.
A rather sour follower of Makinwa on Instagram felt she was making the news all about herself and sent her a not so friendly message.

"Girl this is not about you.. Let make that clear.. Lol,"
 she wrote.
And our dear Toke Who couldn't let such a comment slide by took it up and wrote thus;

Oh shut up already! Her story is not mine but it's one of her journeys. What have you done with your life?Who's life have you made better with your own story?"
 she replied.
 Toke Makinwa had on Sunday, November 27, 2016, launched her book "On Becoming ."