Video of Blac Chyna giving head leaked and goes viral. (NSFW) 18+

Last summer, Blac Chyna saw herself nude, all over the internet. Seven months later, Blac Chyna finds herself in the same position. Since the end of 2017, Blac Chyna has been dating Playboi Carti, though they have kept a low profile.
Blac Chyna has been involved with a few different men, since she broke up with Rob. But, Blac Chyna finds herself being done the same way that Rob did her. x
This afternoon, a video of Blac Chyna surfaced, of her with some man.
The man is unidentified, but Blac Chyna is giving him her “services.” In the video, she is definitely participating, but Twitter is criticizing her, saying she didn’t do enough. Fans have been going all the way in on her, all afternoon long.
This video is graphic contents and as such can not be uploaded here. But, if you are willing to view this video, click here. 

From Flyheight.