You won't believe what happened after former NBA star Matt Barnes wished his estranged wife a happy birthday on IG.

You won 

Former NBA star, Matt Barnes who is in a serious custodian battle with his wife Gloria Govan, for his two children after They divorced in 2016.

Yesterday, the former Golden State Warriors' star put his custody drama with his estranged wife aside to celebrate her birthday on Instagram, and pleaded with her to put their differences aside and work peacefully together to co-parent their children.

Apparently, Gloria didn't feel the same way as she laughed off his plea. She agreed to co-parenting with him but insisted that they will still meet in court next week.

Barnes turned the tables as he fired back at Gloria, accusing her of stealing his money, social security and forging his signature to buy her parents nightclub and a house. He said they will see in court to continue their battle!
See their convo below.
You won