'Lionel Messi should be banned until FIFA proves he’s human’ – Iranian Coach, Carlos Queiroz. (Read details).

Carlos Queiroz, the head coach of the iranian national team wants Lionel Messi banned from football because he’s too good at it.

Queiroz insists the phenomenal Argentine should be suspended by FIFA until he can prove he is not an extra-terrestrial!  The former Real Madrid coach remembers all too well how Messi broke the hearts of his people when the talisman broke out a win for Argentina against Iran in the 2014 World Cup group stages back in brazil.

And ahead of the 2018 World Cup where Iran have been drawn alongside heavyweights Spain and Portugal, Queiroz eager for what happened in 2014 not to repeat itself told Fifa.com thus;
  “I’ve always said that Messi is an extraordinary player. He’s out of this world. If he were human, he wouldn’t have had that magical moment in that match. I don’t usually like losing, but I didn’t come away from that defeat with a negative feeling.  It’s when something magical like that happens that you know that football is alive and kicking. And that’s why it’s one of the best sports in the world to watch.  “And it’s even more of a special moment when it comes from a player who shouldn’t be allowed to play by FIFA until it’s proven that he’s actually human!”
He said.