Media Personality Vimbai Mutinhiri feared to have caused a storm! as she openly Slams Fake Celebrities. (Details).

Zimbabwean media personality based in Nigeria, Vimbai Mutinhiri has called out celebrities who leave a fake life and preach something else entirely.

The Moments host took to her Instagram page to give her two pieces of advice for celebrities that are deceiving people about the true source of their wealth.

She wrote,

“If your expensive handbag is a gift, that’s ok. If your first luxury car was a gift from hubby that’s great. If you travel in luxury courtesy of bae that’s cool too. If your talent is social media, embrace it and earn off it. BUT please stop lying to young girls about how hard you have worked, and giving terrible advice about how to build this or that and how to be successful in business or have a high flying career. STOP IT!! If your business hasn’t made at least N20m turnover per annum, please just book a seat in the audience and pay attention to those who have done it. There is no shame in it and it doesn’t make you any less of a respectable woman. Making it in life begins with harnessing your truth 👌🏾#TableShaker #MondayMotivation#MoreProfitsLessPackaging.”

She is definitely shaking a table a lot of celebrities are standing on

See her post below;

Source; StarGist.