Nigerians react to Brymo appearing naked For ‘Heya’ Video On Social Media.

Singer Brymo is getting lots of attention from social media users right now because of the video of his first single ‘Heya’ from his latest album ‘Oso’. 

Brymo was more than half way nude in the video, wearing nothing but a g-string as he delivered his song beautifully.

This has got the internet talking because people wonder at the heights he is willing to go to get a great outcome.

Read some of the tweets concerning this below;

People insulting Brymo cos he wore a G-string, if it was a white man y'all will say it's art.
Something is wrong with you.
Brymo! I respect your work but wearing g-string to play piano in hot sun barefoot in a public area tho. I think we lost you along time ago. Come back to sanity bruv.
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I seriously don't understand why brymo is naked in dis his new video... Why is he showing us black ynash 😭😭😭😭😭..i just have so many questions mehnnnn
What if something bites Brymo's bumbum. Pressing piano inside bush nitori olorun
I watched the new Brymo video and I almost cried.. That's the state of creativity I never want to get to.. The thin line gets thinner. His creativity remains unmatched...
Brymo is just too creative, and there is no real creativity without madness, I mean look at Einstein, van Gogh and Hunter S. Thompson.
What is Brymo doing! A Nood Shoot ? 😭 What is he wearing ?.. meanwhile, let me go and watch the video
If you call this art, both you and brymo together with the photographer and piano, all of you are mad!
Brymo always brings something new different to the table, & this time he served us with some ass lol
Brymo is not our regular Nigerian act. He does his things differently. But A male wearing G-String under any circumstance is not cool for me. Still one of my best Nigerian Songwriter/Artiste.
It's 2am and I'm trying to sleep, but all I have is brymo's arse all over my TL.
I really wish at the end of the Brymo video he backed the camera, removed his loin cloth and walked away. Now that would have been gold.
Could it be that men are criticising the Brymo's video cos some of them are getting a hard-on seeing him in bante? Hmmm
If Brymo did not wear G string in his new video, he won't be trending this morning. Alaye had to turn to Bobrisky side.

Kanye goes naked in his “Famous” video.

People: He was creative, unique, fearless & shameless. He is a legend!

Brymo goes naked in his “Heya” video.

People: He is a disgrace, so absurd, immoral & terrible. He has lost it!

Double-standards everywhere!