Rick Ross placed on life support due to severe pneumonia. Here's what the doctors have to say.

Rick Ross, 42, is reportedly under severe medical treatment for an extremely severe level of pneumonia. Dr. Tanya Dutta, a cardiologist at Westchester Medical Center,  told HollywoodLife .  Rick’s condition might be based on his symptoms and his treatment, especially after it was revealed he was placed on an
extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine .

“Sometimes if pneumonia is so bad, not enough oxygen is making it in to the bloodstream through the lungs,” The ECMO machine will take the place of your lungs until they improve and distribute oxygen into the bloodstream.” However, the amount of time Rick could be on the machine is really up in the air. It can be on it days to weeks,” but that doctors “try to keep it as short as possible” because the patient has to be unconscious for the treatment.

Dr.  Dutta said.

When asked why he was placed on the machine, the doctor confirmed the fact that it is very the pneumonia is on the highest level. and might be a result of bacterial infections.

Sometimes people who are young can be hit very hard by a bacterial infection and then your body also activates such an overwhelming immune response. It can make your condition worse. the flu or common bacteria can give you severe pneumonia… or a viral pneumonia or infection, and then you get another bacterial infection on top of it.” However, just because Rick is on an ECMO machine, doesn’t mean he can’t make a full recovery. it’s an extremely effective way to save his life” and “buys time for the lungs to recover
 Dutta continued his convo with HollywoodLife  by telling them that sometimes pneumonia and a heart attack “can go together” because you’re “struggling so hard to get oxygen.” “He’s absolutely very, critically ill, but if he’s 42, his chances are better than if he was 82 to survive,” Dr. Dutta added. “Antibiotics start working fairly quickly, but it could take several days before you know if he will pull through.”

Dr. Dutta said to end his analysis.

However, MMG rapper, fat trel who is signed to Rick's record label took to instagram to debunk the rumors. See his  post below: