Rita Dominic schools fans and filmmakers who accused her of appearance in movies not worthy to be shown in cinemas.

Yesterday, Rita shared a photo on social media which was directed to filmmakers who release 'trashy' projects to satisfy their pride and ego..

This didn't go down well with her fans as many people felt this was a general statement, but her fans recalled that she denied promoting Lilian Afegbai’s latest film, Bound, in which she starred as a lead character.

According to inside reports, legendary Actress, Rita felt the movie was not 'cinema-worthy' and it was the reason she did not show up at the private screening, and also why she did not promote the movie on her social media pages. Now, she has taken to her Instagram, schooling filmmakers on the importance of producing cinema-worthy project. Nevertheless, her followers still reacted to this;

One particular follower jumped into her comment section to mention some movies that Rita has featured in that were of bad. She admonished Rita to cease from jumping onto every movie set just because of money.

Rita wasted no time to school the non-fan. See the non-fan's comment and Rita's reply below;