"Why it was important for me to get a breast reduction surgery"- Amber Rose reveals. (Video).

Amber Rose 

In an Exclusive interview on ‘The Raw Word’, Amber Rose reveals details on her newly acquired boob size and why it was so important for her to get a breast reduction.

Amber Rose, 34, could not be happier with her decision to get her breast size made smaller! she recently stopped by The Raw Word to talk to hosts Michael Dyson and Claudia Jordan about her surgery.
 “My back was hurting. I wore like a 36H,” 
Amber tells the hosts in the preview of her episode provided to HollywoodLife. EXCLUSIVELY.

“I’m about seven weeks into recovery and they’re still pretty swollen but now I’m like a double-D which I’m really happy with.”
 You can tell that Amber is not only happy with her decision but also more comfortable with it.

Amber also joked about being a “cougar” to her beau, 21 Savage, who is nine years younger than her. “I’m a cougar! Not really, I’m only 34,” she teased. When Michael suggested she could be a panther instead, Amber was all about it! “I can do panther!” she said with a laugh. However, it was what Amber had to say about dating celebrities vs dating regular dudes that was most interesting.
“It’s easier for me because a lot of people don’t realize that when you’re famous it’s hard to date a regular guy,” 
Amber explained.
“It’s almost better for me to date someone that kinda has something to lose as well.”
Watch the preview of Amber's episode on the 'Raw Word' Exclusively from HollywoodLife.