BBNaija: I can’t apologise to Ahneeka, I don’t owe her one – Noble Igwe says as he stands his ground.

I can't apologise to Ahneeka, I don't owe her one - Noble Igwe lailasnews

BBNaija evicted housemate Ahneeka, was unabashedly criticised by popular blogger, Noble Igwe, for not taking proper care of her hygiene. The lifestyle blogger however insisted that he is not going to apologise to her for his statement.

Noble had tweeted:

“I wanted to tell Ahneeka to wash her face more, cut down on soda and stop pressing the things on her face but her supporters would not hear it…Ahneeka goes to bed with the same outfit; so, no one can make her have her bath twice in a day.”

Recall Ahneeka said in an Interview with HipTV how disappointed she felt about the insensitive comments of Noble Igwe.. She said;

“I was disappointed at the Noble Igwe situation. Nobody should be allowed to talk about another person like that on social media.He knows he has a social media presence. I don’t think you should say that to any woman.

He has a beautiful wife and daughter and I don’t know how he would feel if someone talks about his family like that. I don’t think he should disrespect people because they are going through a certain struggle. I have acne; I did not order it. It wasn’t my choice but it came and I had to deal with it.”

Noble Igwe has however maintained his stand. He was recently contacted by Sunday Scoop and this is what he has to say.