"Salma Phillips owes me N168K & is doing N100K giveaway on the Gram. – Fashion Designer Ayo Van Elmar exposes. (Details).

Media personality and entrepreneur, Salma Nabila Phillips, has been 'exposed' out by Fashion designer, Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun of Ayo Van Elmar label, on Instagram alleging that the former is owing her a large sum of N168,000 while doing a N100,000 give away to her fans on her Instagram.

According to Ayo, Salma contacted her in August last year to make her two dresses within 48 hours which she did.

Salma owes me N168K & doing N100K giveaway - Ayo Van Elmar alleges lailasnews 3

However, Salma Phillips failed to show up for fittings. The dress was then taken to Salma at her home believing she would pay up later.

Salma wore the dress to a party and even took pictures with the dress, which she posted on Instagram and at the same time acknowledging the designer, Ayo for the ‘beautiful’ dress. But surprisingly, she allegedly made a u-turn and said she won’t be able to pay Ayo for the dress because it did not fit well.

Salma owes me N168K & doing N100K giveaway - Ayo Van Elmar alleges lailasnews 2

Ayo then reposted the photo of Salma wearing the dress and wrote;

First of all, I’m not sure @deolasagoecharges that little to make an outfit in less than 40 hours. I studied fashion design as a profession, thorough German degree. And I am the best and what I do! I have a right to my prices. You could have found a cheaper alternative, if you thought my services were to expensive for you.

#2. Regarding the fit, I don’t understand what you mean cuz she’s wearing it on this picture and thanking me and she showed up and partied in the pieces.

#3. We’d scheduled a fitting, she didn’t show up, I waited till past midnight. Fittings are quintessential, you’ve got to understand that.

#4. I eventually sent my staff with a mobile sewing machine to Salma, to fit in her home and make all necessary alterations. Salma didn’t attend to them, she never came out to complain to me. But she partied in the pieces? I don’t get you.
#5. I stayed up through the night with three staff members to cut off the flowers from the fabric and stitch them on one by one, by hand, to achieve the 3D look on the neckline and the shoulders, and you don’t wanna pay? Your stylist @jowysfashionconsulting and I have asked you severally over eight months, with pleas to pay up. In fact I’ve told you to pay whatever you wanna pay! Just pay! Next post is a picture of the invoice! Your friend isn’t telling the truth about what I’d charged.

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Source: LailasNews.