Busted ! Male student sexually Assaults and Blackmails females for money In Delta state university !! Beware

A con artist and impersonator is at large. A student of the Delta state university, department of Philosophy Who goes by the name Toby 'the penpriest ' okonta, has been exposed via an online scam attempt that went wrong. 
He usually operates by posing as a female and talking to random females on Facebook and whatsapp messenger with attempts to lure them into lesbianism and hooking up with other lesbians.

He has been exposed by 4 of his victims on social media ,mostly people he has never seen nor met. 
He operates by chatting with fb handle "Natasha Linda" one of his many fake handles. Once chat is initiated ,she(he) then invites them to lesbian parties where some of these victims get molested and exploited after recording them. 

Victims who dont fall prey for these are usually blackmailed or made to pay sums of money over a period of time.
Nemesis caught up with him when one of his victims got caught in the Natasha Linda web.

According to her, " she (Natasha) added his supposed to be a victim as friend on fb, flirting with her almost instantaneously. She made her understand that she's straight and not interested in lesbianism but she mounted pressure on her , almost forceful about it. She would send her photos of girls and ask if she wanted to meet them for paid sex. said No but she continued to be nice because she felt something was fishy , the victim and the fake natasha had one mutual friend that once message her on whatsapp from a whatsapp group which was this same Toby, Pen priest is a member of an online rap battle group #Barsrapleague, it all felt like a set up because toby once requested to see the victim in which she declined. According to the victim narrating how it all started "Natasha refused to pick up video calls, or exchange numbers for whatsapp chat with different excuses but i was playing along to know who the hell Natasha was. 

After too much pressure on Natasha to pick up video call or drop her contact,  she decided to open up and said she was not the girl on her facebook profile photo. I asked for her real name and she gave me a name and number". I never dropped my number to her, my phone rang the same day and that was how I met Angela, the girl also happens to be one of Toby victims. We got talking  and I said i didn't  know how she got my number, she kept blabbing , so when things didn't add up, . Angela then told me a guy who had been chatting her up  gave her my number, Was wondering who, but i said you're Natasha when you called me how come you're now Angela, i had to convince her to open up and tell me her side of the story.  It turns out The guy who asked her to contact me is Toby "Penpriest" Okonta and Natasha Linda is the fake Fb handle he uses to chat up his Victims on the side, in the hopes of duping them of their hard earned money and possibly molesting them through his female partners, rape and blackmail them. 

Toby decided to send Angela to me, so she can lure me, filmed the act and blackmail me,  Angela said toby did same to her but she couldn't talk about it but right now she's tired of getting used by Toby to lure girls and collect money from them, reasons she's speaking up this time to their next victim, he used my photos to scam people, I only played along because I'm so scared,  Toby has lured two girls from delta State University, Tortured them, filmed it and still collecting money from them.

Some screenshots from the conversation between Toby and his victims have been released and is currently causing a stir, it appears there are more than 4 victims... Beware

See Screenshots & Audio Below ;